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Rihanna in Mexico

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With no visible bruises from her alleged beat down from Chris Brown, Rihanna spent last weekend down in Punta Mita, Mexico relaxing in the sun.

Beside thatm,after multiple reports of Rihanna being in hiding, appearing recently for her 21st birthday in L.A. and possibly being pregnant at the time of an alleged assault by boyfriend and singer Chris Brown, the singer now has appeared under the Mexico sun all glazed and oiled wearing a bikini and looking quite beautiful in the Mexican town of Punta Mita.

A source said that Rihanna is vacationing with her closest friends in a private oceanfront villa in Punta Mita in honor of her 21st birthday.

According to witnesses, the injuries she sustained from her altercation with Chris Brown were not visible on her face.

The New York Daily News reports, "The shocking bruises that sources say boyfriend Chris Brown left on the songbird's face just before the Grammy Awards were not visible...Nor was she smiling."

Photographed by paparazzi in Mexico you can visibly see no marks on Rihanna in the bikini photographs taken, but one may say makeup artists can do wonderful things. Though Rihanna looked lovely and, as if she just stepped out the pool due to her wet hair and glimmering body, the star had a somewhat sad and depressed look on her face. Meanwhile, reports are circulating that Chris Brown’s March 5th court date may be pushed up due to lack of evidence by investigators and, in other news, the singer has been losing endorsement deals and his songs have been losing rotation on radio stations due to the photo of Rihanna that was leaked by TMZ.

Meanwhile, Chris' court date may be postponed so the DA can gather more evidence for the case.

Chris has remained in seclusion, no one has seen him since the altercation. He is however reportedly taking anger management classes in Glendale, Ca.

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