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Anna Nicole Smith’s death may be Homicide


Anna Nicole Smith was just 39 when she suffered an alleged overdose at Florida’s Hard Rock Cafe in 2007. Rumors on the cause of her early demise have swirled ever since, and according to the Sun Sentinel, the State Attorney’s Office has now decided to re-open the case.Their decision to restart the inquiry may well be connected to the recent arrest of Smith’s two doctors and lawyer/boyfriend, who are now charged with supplying Ms. Smith with literally thousands of pills, some of which were found by her bed at the time of her death. “Our prosecutors have met with representatives of the LA County DA’s Office and the DoJ and discussed the evidence,” Ron Ishoy, a spokesman for the Broward Attorney’s office told reporters yesterday. “We are now examining that evidence to see where it might lead.”

Mr. Ishoy made it clear the previous investigation was not related to homicide, but merely part of the assistance they provided to the Seminole P.D. in the confusion that followed the star’s tragic death. Ms. Smith’s boyfriend at the time, Howard K. Stern, and her two Physicians Dr. Sandeep Kapoor and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, are now facing charges under California law, accused of illegally supplying the late Actress with controlled substances. The three made no comment and no legal counsel has yet been retained, so their version of events is currently unknown.
Ms. Smith collapsed on February 8th, 2007, in her room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, and died just over an hour later. After an autopsy, Dr. Joshua Perper, the county’s Medical Examiner reported the Reality star had ingested a toxic combination of anti-depressants, anxiety medications, Valium and a powerful sedative. But homicide was ruled out at the time as there was no evidence she was persuaded or forced to swallow the pills.
The three accused have denied all the charges against them and are now free on bail, awaiting a trial.
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