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Rihanna Met Domestic-Abuse Counselor Shortly After Chris Brown's Attack

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Rihanna, according to E! News, met with a domestic-abuse counselor within 24 hours after being attacked by Chris Brown and borrowed an officer's cell phone to inform her camp of the incident.

A few more details in relation to 's attack on last month have been uncovered, one of which is the fact that Rihanna met with an L.A. County domestic-abuse counselor within 24 hours after the incident. It is not known though if the Barbadian singer is still seeking for counseling as a result of the assault.

Moreover, it has also been revealed in an exclusive report by E! News that soon after the LAPD arrived at the crime scene located on a street in Los Angeles' Tony Hancock Park neighborhood, where Chris left her alone, Rihanna borrowed a police officer's cell phone to call her manager, personal assistant and two other people to inform them of what had happened to her. Unfortunately, all her calls went to voice mail, law-enforcement sources claim. "[Rihanna's friends and colleagues] didn't pick up because no one recognized the numbers," another source adds.

The other minor fact unveiled by E! News is that Rihanna cannot drive. Citing its source, the news media mentions that during her argument with Chris, Rihanna threw his car's keys out of the window, leading him to get furious at her and so walking out of the car with Rihanna was still inside. "Now see how you'll get home," Chris reportedly told Rihanna at that time.

Despite the many reports surrounding their altercation, neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown seems bothered to clear the air up. They instead prefer to keep their lips tightly sealed on their case.

In the meantime, E! News also claims that Rihanna has been granted approval of criminal protective order, allowing her to record any future phone conversations she has with Chris. Per the court documents, the order will last through March 5, 2012. In another Rihanna news, her attorney Donald Etra already confirmed that his celebrity client will absolutely take the stand against Chris only if she is required by the authorities.

Source: aceshowbiz.com

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