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Rihanna's relatives are pissed

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Rihanna's family isn't too thrilled about her decision to take back Chris Brown just three weeks after he used her face for a punching bag the night before the Grammys. People reports:

"Everyone wants them to take a break, to cool off," a relative of Rihanna tells PEOPLE after the pair returned to Los Angeles together early Monday morning. "No one wants them back together."

Family thought that the relationship was over after Brown allegedly battered Rihanna on Feb. 8. The couple went their own ways for awhile - he went home, while she recuperated in Barbados and Mexico - but the separation was short-lived.
"I'm concerned," continues the relative. "I don't want her to make a mistake, and I don't want her to ever go through this again."
If these two ever get married, it's going to be one awkward wedding. Mostly because everyone who lost the pool that she'd be dead before the rehearsal dinner are going to feel super embarrassed. Then again, who can honestly fault Grandmama for playing the odds? She's been to Vegas.
Source: thesuperficial.com
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