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Britney Spears gets teabagged by the economy


Not even Britney Spears is recession-proof. The pop star was looking to expand her Circus tour but might have to hold off due to the current economic climate. People reports:
The pop star, 27, is halfway into a 49-show tour through the U.S., Canada and the UK, with hopes to add more dates through Europe, Australia and a possible second U.S. tour.
"It hasn't yet been determined whether it's feasible to expand tours to the Europe or Australia legs," L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz said following a closed-door discussion with Jamie and his lawyers.
"That will be determined in the future after everyone's seen the analysis, in terms of the economy and value of the dollar," Goetz added.

Nothing saddens me more than to learn after all her hard work/jiggling Britney Spears might not be able to expand her tour and buy that solid gold Frappucino maker she's always dreamed of. Here I thought being laid off from my job and kicked off my health insurance was bad, but clearly, this is true suffering.Source: thesuperficial.com
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