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Life is ‘really great’ for LeAnn Rimes


Nothing like a torrid affair to keep the marriage strong?
Despite the very public reveal of her affair with costar Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes told the Associated Press in an interview to promote her new book, “What I Cannot Change,” she’s “actually really great.”
After the news broke, Rimes admitted she and husband Dean Sheremet, whom she wed when she was just 19, were going through a “difficult time” before making a few graphic PDAs for the cameras.
“There’s people that you meet in your life that shape and change your life and Dean has been (that), for me,” Rimes says. “He’s been absolutely amazing and helped me grow into the woman that I am. And I love him dearly.

“You really realize these small things that we obsess over are really small,” she added. “We could look in the negative way or choose to look at things in a positive light. But I’m trying to rewire my brain to look at positive things every day of my life.”Source: celebutopia.net
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