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Simpson ignores Eminem’s video parody

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Jessica Simpson is among the celebrities on the receiving end of Eminem’s vitriol in the video for his song “Made For You.” In the video, Simpson is portrayed as quite voluptuous, and a cheeseburger is never far from her reach.
Don’t worry about her, though, she’s just fine.
“Of course Jess finds it annoying,” a friend of hers said, “but it’s not like she’s the only one who was singled out.” True enough: Few boldface names were spared. Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Palin, Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres were among those Eminem mocked in the video.
The only fire Simpson’s camp was putting out on April 8, the day the video hit the Internet, was about the current state of her music career. It was reported that Simpson was dropped by her record label, Sony Nashville. However, her rep noted that not only was she not dropped, but Sony Nashville is not actually Simpson’s label after all.
“Jessica is and has always been an Epic artist,” said the rep. “She was on loan to Sony Nashville for her country album. She continues to be on Epic’s label.”
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