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Celebrity Sex Tape Guide


Sex sells. Especially when stars like Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are the headliners of a sex tape. Take for instance, Paris Hilton’s “1 Night in Paris” — it sold 600,000 copies and yielded $15 million. But sometimes it doesn’t sell. D-listers like Chyna and Amy Fisher aren’t exactly moving videos off a shelf or getting the same downloads as their more attractive peers.

Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton and then-boyfriend Rick Salomon recorded themselves having sex in a hotel room, shot in night-vision. Hilton initially attempted to stop the distribution of the tape, but later agreed to its release and now receives profits from the tape. Unusual for a celebrity scandal, the notoriety surrounding the tape only served to increase Hilton and Salomon’s fame. This footage, along with additional full-color footage, was released commercially under the title “1 Night in Paris”.

Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels. Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels, singer of the band Poison and now star of VH1’s “Rock of Love,” had a sex tape released in September 2005. The footage had been circulating on the internet for many years.
Pamlea Anderson and Tommy Lee. Pamela Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee had various interludes from their honeymoon leaked online in 1998.
Kim Kardashian is a socialite and best friend to Paris Hilton who became a household name after a sex tape leaked of her made by then-boyfriend Ray J — who is the brother of singer Brandy.
  Colin Farrell. Colin Farrell and model/actress Nicole Narain have a 13-minute long sex tape. Farrell confirmed the existence of the tape and successfully obtained a court order blocking its distribution, but in January 2006, copies of the tape appeared on the Internet. In the video, Farrell sports a clean shaven head — a time during which he filmed “Daredevil”.
Fred Durst. Fred Durst, the frontman for the band Limp Bizkit, had a video of him and a groupie having sex leaked onto the Internet by a repairman who had been repairing his computer. Previously, Durst had a notorious reputation for his orgy sexcapades at the Playboy mansion.
Eve. Rap star/actress Eve had a sex tape released by an angry ex-boyfriend that was filmed before her Hollywood success. The video shows her taking a huge 12″ dildo all the way to the base.
Chloe Sevigny. “Big Love” actress Chloe Sevigny gives Vincent Gallo an unsimulated deep throat blowjob to climax in the art house film “The Brown Bunny.” She said about the role: “I knew people would not understand it. It’s a shame people write so many things when they haven’t seen it. When you see the film, it makes more sense. It’s an art film. It should be playing in museums. It’s like an Andy Warhol movie.” Gallo and Sevigny were lovers at the time.
Dustin Diamond. Dustin Diamond, Screech of “Saved by the Bell” fame, authorized the release of a 40-minute sex tape in 2006 in the hopes that it would bring in profits and provide a boost to his career. The scenes include a threesome with two girls, play with sex toys and a dirty sanchez. Previously the former child actor had financial woes and began selling T-shirts over the Internet to save his home from foreclosure. After the release of the tape, Diamond joined the cast of VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club” for two seasons.
Amy Fisher. Amy Fisher, dubbed the “Long Island Lolita” by the press, was convicted of the 1992 shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco with whom she began an affair as a 16-year-old. Fisher served seven years in prison for first degree assault. After her release she married Lou Bellera (pictured) who released their sex tape during a separation.
Chyna (Joanie Laurer). Unlike other celebrity sex tapes, this one was NOT leaked onto the Internet. Chyna and very well endowed wrestler Sean Waltman (X-Pac) sold the film to distributors directly in an attempt to profit and boost their careers.
  Verne Troyer. The 2ft. 8in “Austin Powers” star claims his sex tape with a live-in girlfriend was stolen from his home and is in the hands of the same film producer that released Paris Hilton’s sex tape.
  Vince Neil. Vince Neil, the former lead singer Motley Crue, and adult film star Janine Lindemulder filmed a sex tape that was stolen in 1999 and made its way to the internet. Neil later joined VH1’s “The Surreal Life.” 
Simon Rex. Before he was an MTV VJ or began a career in acting, the “Scary Movie” star got his start in gay-marketed solo masturbation films like “Young, Hard and Solo.” Rex declared in “TV Guide,” “I’m not bisexual. I’m not gay.” According to the film’s director, Bob Posey, Rex was able to acheive an erection in 28 seconds.”When his girlfriend would go out of town, he would come over and jack off with me, even when I had the camera turned off.”
Warren Cuccurillo - Duran Duran. Warren Cuccurillo was a guitarist in Duran Duran who gained notoriety in the porn industry after making nude appearances in “G” magazine, in which he appeared with a full erection in many photographs. In July 2001, he relaunched his fan club Web site, adding additional members-only sections that included sexually explicit material of himself including solo masturbation videos and penetration with female partners. In one film, a gay male holds Cuccurillo’s penis. Later that year, he created the “Rock Rod,” a self-modeled 9″ dildo that sold through the manufacturer’s Web site and in adult stores.
  Sylvester Stallone. In the ’70s, Sylvester Stallone broke into the movie biz with adult film “Party at Kitty and Stud’s.” I’m not sure if this is in fact Sly.
Gene Simmons. KISS rocker and A&E “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” star had a sex tape released of him with a model. Simmons has been in a long term relationship with Actress Shannon Tweed since 1985. He claims to have slept with more than 4600 women. 
 Meg White - The White Stripes. Deny, deny, deny. Meg White, the drummer and backup singer of The White Stripes, could be the star of a raunchy sextape that circulated in 2007. The White Stripes’ publicist issues this statement: “Some people have a very twisted sense of humor and this prank is in particularly bad taste. The tape circulating on the internet as featuring Meg White is fake. It’s definitely not Meg.” It looks like her to me.
Jessica Sierra - “American Idol”. The “American Idol” bad girl had a series of legal issues including battery, disorderly intoxication and cocaine possession. Her sex tape was filmed in a motel with two other men and a woman.
Katie Price (Jordan). The UK glamour model turned reality tv star featured on E!’s “Katie and Peter,” made a sex tape in her early days before she met and settled into marriage with pop star Peter Andre. In September 2008, Price received a New York Times profile that chronicled her success to become Britain’s second richest female. In scenes, Price uses a vibrator during her romp with a male companion and he finishes off the last scene pleasuring her with his foot.
Jaimee Foxworth - “Family Matters”. Life after “Family Matters” wasn’t so good for Jaimee Foxworth, the Winslow’s youngest daughter, Judy. With very little acting work coming in the years after “Family Matters,” Foxworth battled marijuana, depression and destitution. Her family squandered more than $500,000 from her trust fund. Under the name Crave, she participated in seven adult films, including one with very well endowed porn star Lexington Steele.
  Toastee. VH1 fixture Toastee is known best as the girl who got kicked off “Flavor of Love” when Flav discovered her porn past. She later joined the cast of “Charm School” and now can be seen on “I Love Money.” 
Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Superhead is a former music video performer and porn star turned “New York Times” best seller for ”Confessions of a Video Vixen” — a memoir of her sexual exploits with many celebrities like Jaime Foxx, Jarule, Usher, Jay-z, Rayj, Bobby Brown and Bill Maher. Recently she made headlines once again when she released a photo of anal beads used on her lover Darius McCrary (Eddie Winslow) from “Family Matters.
 Jenna Lewis. The “Survivor” contestant had her wedding night sex tape released. It features 42 minutes of sex with her well endowed husband, model Travis Wolfe.

 Bam Margera. Pro skateboarder and MTV’s “Jackass” and “Viva La Bam” star Bam Margera had a grainy sex tape with a fan leaked to the Internet.
Gena Lee Nolin. The “Baywatch” actress made a sex tape with her then-husband Greg Fahlman, who had the tape stolen and leaked after their divorce.  

 Tonya Harding. Tonya Harding and her husband Jeff Gillooly had a sex tape that was leaked onto the Internet and subsequently became so widely available that the couple decided to legitimately release it on their own. It is commercially sold by Penthouse Home Video as the “Wedding Night” tape, although the wedding gown was actually a Halloween costume.
Tom Sizemore. “Saving Private Ryan” star Tom Sizemore filmed a marathon-long sex tape with several hookers in his home.
 Carolyn Murphy - Supermodel. Supermodel Carolyn Murphy’s ex-husband Jake Schroeder allegedly tried to sell a tape featuring the couple having sex during their honeymoon.In January 2006, Schroeder was arrested and charged with extortion for trying to sell the tape.The video was leaked onto the internet in April 2006.
Ozzy Lusth - “Survivor”. Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth of “Survivor” was featured on Playboy’s “Foursome,” a reality TV show dubbed “the only TV dating program that shows everything.” It’s basically a dating show with REAL sex, only they don’t show hardcore penetration.
 Kid Rock. Kid Rock and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp made a sex tape with a bunch of groupies on their tour bus together seven years ago. Only a preview has circulated, the rest of the footage will be released or kept privately pending a court judgment. 
Dita Von Teese. Burlesque star and Wonderbra spokesmodel Dita Von Teese starred in several erotic films before finding Hollywood success as the burlesque dancer who made the stage craft mainstream. London’s “The Sun” reports that Von Teese was filmed in a “sleazy flick” that features her in lesbian sex acts with two corset-clad beauties, scenes include stimulation with a sex toy.
 Tony Cage. Tony Cage was featured on MTV’s “True Life: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery” under the name Luke. The documentary series chronicled Cage’s pursuit for physical perfection through calf implants. Following broacast, it was revealed that Cage–who contends that he is heterosexual–has starred in two gay adult films. In 2006 he has also appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show” with his wife to discuss his bisexual past.
Buckeey. Shay “Buckeey” Johnson from VH1’s “Flavor of Love” and “Charm School” had a sex tape released that features her performing oral sex, then she takes it doggy style like a pro. In the final scene she says to the camera “He just nutted all over me.
Brandi Cunningham known as Brandi C on VH1’s “I Love Money,” “Charm School: ‘Rock of Love’ Girls,” and “Rock of Love” performed in adult films under the stage name Brittany Burke.
 Brandi M. VH1’s “Rock of Love” contestant Brandi M, known as Purely Pamela in the X-rated world, participated in an adult film. In scenes she showers nude and performs oral sex to climax.
R. Kelly. “I Believe I Can Fly” singer R. Kelly was taken to court over charges and that he engaged in sexual activity with a 14-year-old niece of R&B songstress Sparkle, a former Kelly protégée. The tape, released by an unknown source, was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times, the newspaper that broke the story. While some witnesses have identified the alleged victim, the girl and her parents and other witnesses have denied that she is the person shown on the tape. Kelly has also denied that he is the man in the video. The scenes feature intercourse and urine play.

Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix, rock icon, is said to have a sex tape that has been locked away for more than 30 years. It features the guitarist with two busty brunettes.

Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe faced controversy in the 1980s; he taped himself having sex with two young girls, one of whom turned out to be underage.

Ashley Dupre. Former prostitute to New York’s Govenor Elliot Spitzer was featured in a “Girls Gone Wild” video as a 17-year-old, using the identity of a friend who was of legal age. The video is said to feature Dupre naked and engaged in masturbation.

Son Doobie. Son Doobie is a Puerto Rican rapper from the ’90s rap group Funkdoobiest. The
group is known for their sexually explicit songs. To prove that they aren’t all talk, the group launched a Los Angeles based X-rated club and a sex hotline. Son Doobie starred in the adult film “Son Doobie, Porn King: Vivid Raw 6″ in which he is filmed having sexual intercourse.

Jeremy Jackson. “Baywatch” alum Jeremy Jackson who played David Hasselhoff’s son Hobie on the series, has a 45-minute long sex tape with adult film star Sky Lopez that remains unreleased by a film distributor.
Source: tabloidprodigy.com 

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