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Chris Brown making a country song? Sure.


Somehow I missed this bit of news because I'm so focused on the real issues, but Chris Brown is recording a country song and might enlist some of the genre's top talent to help out, according to MTV News:
"Maybe we'll see an appearance from Carrie Underwood or someone like that," said Robert Allen, a writer and producer who is currently working with the singer. "It's that kind of song." Allen further explained that the song is "just feeling like you don't want that dream to go away. Everybody has a dream and you're in it, but you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, my God.' You feel like you're still in that dream."

I have no idea what that guy just said, but let's see if Chris Brown meets the criteria to break into country music: Born in the south? Check.
Arrested for domestic abuse? Check.
White? Awww....
Source: thesuperficial.com

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