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David Beckham denies new affair rumors

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In the ten years David Beckham and his ‘Posh Spice’ wife, Victoria have been married, they’ve spent about 98% of the time in a virtual whirlwind of gossip. And here’s the latest…
David, 34, is now fiercely denying rumors linking him to Mariann Fogarasy, a well-known Hungarian model. The two were snapped at one of David’s recent games, and were also reportedly spied sharing dinner…with Victoria nowhere in sight.
David flatly denies any misdeeds and claims he and Vicky are still an exclusive connection. “I have no desire for other women. I only love Victoria. I have never been out to dinner with this lady.” he said, clearly eager to convince people…perhaps including himself.
David, who moved to the US to play for ‘Los Angeles Galaxy’ in July 2007, is now on loan to the folks at AC Milan. But romantic rumors have dogged him for years, and he’s clearly quite tired by the work. “If I took the time to deny every story, I wouldn’t have time to be a footballer.” he told the UK’s Daily Mail reporters who quizzed him about his Hungarian friend.
Judging by how he’s been playing recently, time may not be a problem much longer.
As for how these rumors got started, I, of course, cannot say…But it could do a young lady’s career a great deal of good to be linked to someone like Dave.
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