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Patrick Swayze shares photo to sink rumors of death


As you’d expect from a man of his talent, Patrick Swayze has, perhaps unwittingly, channeled Mark Twain in declaring that ‘reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.’
Last week, a Florida radio station - clearly desperate for ratings - announced via Twitter that Patrick had died. To disprove this baseless and self-serving rumor, Patrick, 56, has since released this new picture, showing him alive and surprisingly well, alongside wife, Lisa Niemi, and their two wonderful dogs.
Diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in January last year, Patrick was told most treatment was futile as it had already spread to his liver.
The typical lifespan for those given such news is six months.
Patrick has already beaten the odds, and his people are determined to prove he still can, “This is to confirm that Patrick Swayze did not pass away this morning, contrary to reckless reports,’ says their welcome assurance. “Patrick is alive and well and enjoying his life, and he continues to respond to treatment.’ the statement confirms.

Faced with the sheer volume of doom-laden news he must have so far endured, most people would retreat to their beds. Patrick is not like most people. Instead, the man whose role as Sam Wheat enraptured the world took on the challenge of playing an FBI agent in the A&E drama series, ‘The Beast.’ Patrick was on-set and on time every day. Then at weekends he would fly to LA for chemotherapy treatment, and live in pain the whole week in case medications that could help save his life might have affected his work.
And this is the man a second-rate radio station believed they could kill.
Asked why he endured such anguish for the sake of the role, Patrick’s reply is as revealing as it is self-effacing, ‘I just love to work hard.’ he told the scribes.
Most of his peers could learn a great deal from this man, and I’m sure we all wish him well.
Source:  hotmommagossip.com
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