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Rihanna & Jay-Z plot Chris Brown's demise

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- Rihanna and Jay-Z have dinner together, and most likely discuss how badly to fuck Chris Brown's career. Survey says "Right in the anus!" [Just Jared]
George Clooney loves the ladies. Even ones who were in elementary school during his run on E.R. The man's a hero, folks. [Lainey Gossip]
- Kelis files for divorce from Nas while carrying his baby. Hey, on the bright side, he won't have to cut the umbilical cord. :D .... This is why I don't work at Hallmark anymore. [Radar Online]

- Mel Gibson apparently pissed off all of Hollywood by bringing his mistress to the premiere of Wolverine. Dammit, Mel, it was supposed to be a classy affair about a guy who stabs people in the face with his claw hands. But noooo, you had to be a dick. [Celebslam] - Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame comes out of the closet thus proving Tom Cruise is contagious. [Pink is the new Blog]
- Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's marriage actually made it an entire year. I don't even think Nostradamus could've predicted that one. Then again, he doesn't even know what a Nick Cannon is, but honestly, who does? [I'm Not Obsessed]
Source: thesuperficial.com
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