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Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos


The photograph that is claimed to show Miley Cyrus offering oral sex (a blow job, or BJ) to an unnamed man has surfaced online.

In a potential Miley Cyrus scandal, there are pictures that we believe to be fake floating around the internet of Miley Cyrus performing oral sex on a man. If this were true, this would blow fans of Miley Cyrus away completely—only it’s not.

The origins of the so-called Miley Cyrus BJ leaked photo are not clear, but by all indicationsthe image would appear to be photoshopped.

The original photograph can’t be shown because it could possibly constitute child pornography, although notably it doesn’t show Miley in any state of undress. The picture above shows a safe/ edited version, with the source images used to create the fake Miley Cyrus BJ shot to the right.

Representatives of Hanna Montanah star, Miley Cyrus, have said the supposed photo is “completely fabricated.”
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