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Paris Hilton stripped for money? I don't believe it.


According to a new expose, Paris Hilton was essentially a stripper for high-rollers in Vegas at one point. NY Daily News reports:
"[Hilton] flew down to Vegas," Mark Ebner reports Elizabeth Jawhary as saying on HollywoodInterrupted.com. "We partied pretty hard."
According to Jawhary, some Hollywood players would "pay for girl-on-girl action. I'd be there. And they'd pay to watch."
Jawhary alleges that, on at least one night, Paris joined in. "Paris got naked, and the girls would get naked," she claims.
She says the guys would pay her $5,000 for a private show, though she never saw Paris accept any money, according to Ebner, author of "Six Degrees of Paris Hilton."
You know what I love about this story? How believable it is. I mean, c'mon, is anyone really shocked to learn Paris Hilton took her clothes off to make a couple grand? That's like finding out Samantha Ronson turns into a bat at night. Holy shit, stop the press.
Source: thesuperficial.com

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