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Michael Jackson's live-in doctor not licensed to prescribe drugs in California


Michael Jackson's live-in physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, does not have a license to prescribe or even administered prescription medication in the state of California, according to FOX News:
Federal authorities told FOXNews.com that Dr. Conrad Murray is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in the state, and that if he gave Demerol or Oxycontin to Jackson, as has been reported, it would have been illegal.
To possess the drugs in California, Murray would have had to bring them with him from Nevada or Texas, which is illegal, or administer drugs that other doctors had provided locally or that Jackson had ordered online from abroad, which is also illegal.
"Dr. Murray has DEA registration numbers in Nevada and Texas, but he does not have one in California," a federal law enforcement official told FOXNews.com. "You absolutely have to have a registration number to prescribe controlled substances, and there was nothing in California."

Is anyone really surprised by this information? Because, honestly, I'm impressed we haven't found out Michael Jackson was receiving anesthetics from a zebra with a syringe between its teeth. Granted, it was mostly hoofing him the face thus rendering him unconscious, but you get the point.Source: thesuperficial.com
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Bryan said...
December 16, 2009 at 6:12 AM  

Let bygones be bygones. It's just so sad we will no longer see him dancing those "moves"

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