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Bruce Willis found new wife the ol' Hollywood way: On the casting couch

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Bruce Willis apparently met his new wife Emma Hemming while orchestrating a cattle call for extras that just happened to be all models, according to Page Six:

An impeccable source tells Page Six: "During the casting of 'Perfect Stranger' [the suspense movie Willis made with Halle Berry two years ago], Bruce was very involved with the casting. In fact, you could say he was extremely involved no matter how minor the role."
At Willis' request, calls were placed to modeling agencies to fill the roles of extras and minor speaking parts.
Our casting source said, "He personally went through head shots and when the girls were called in to 'read,' he was there in the meeting. It was odd for the star of a movie to do so, but at the time he was single and I guess he needed a date."
The casting sessions/blind dates went well enough. "He started dating [model] Tamara Feldman, with whom he coincidentally enough had a sex scene," our insider said.
Then, Heming was selected for a small speaking part. Willis "started dating both Tamara and Emma but obviously, Emma eventually won out," the source said.
I was going to comment on the overall creepiness of this plan, but at the end of the day it worked. At least until the whole marriage part. Fortunately, Bruce Willis is 90 and practically dead already. Otherwise, I'd call this one a mulligan.

Source: thesuperficial.com 
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