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David Beckham Transformed Into The Terminator For Motorola Ad


He has tried the Indiana Jones look and once dressed up as a Roman gladiator.He has even impersonated a dragon-slaying prince in a fairytale-themed shoot for one of his many advertising campaigns.Now David Beckham had added an equally bizarre look to his repertoire.The former England football captain has stripped down for a futuristic photoshoot that appears to owe its inspiration to the Terminator films.

In a rapid departure from his usual, more wholesome look, the star is pictured frowning at the camera with part of his face torn away.Images of his skeleton have been superimposed upon his naked chest while one of his eyes has been replaced by a red laser.The edgy shot is part of the latest advertising campaign for mobile phone giant Motorola. The company is launching the new Aura phone, which at £1,400, doesn’t come cheap.But it will certainly want to recoup some of the money it spent recruiting the star to be the face of its global marketing campaign in a multi-million pound deal three years ago. 
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