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Madonna vs. Horse: The Battle Continues


Failing to heed the warning from her 2005 injury, Madonna got her ass kicked by another horse yesterday, according to the New York Post:
The Material Mom, who suffered broken bones in a similar accident three years ago, was leaping over hurdles on a brown steed on the East End spread when she bit the dust just before 4:30 p.m.
In the wake of the titanic tumble, more than 10 people, including her Brazilian boy toy Jesus Luz, 22, rushed to her side.
Rescue workers, who arrived minutes later, scooped up the "Like a Virgin" songstress and gingerly carried her on a backboard to a waiting ambulance, which raced to Southampton Hospital.
She suffered only minor injuries and bruises but will have further tests and will remain under doctor's observations, her spokeswoman said.

Jesus. When are her people going to learn that if you place what's technically a cadaver on top of horse you're going to spook the hell out of it? Even I know that and the closest I've been to an actual farm is the marijuana greenhouse in my backyard. -- I mean, the neighbor's backyard. I'm too beautiful for prison!Source: thesuperficial.com

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